3 Tips To Improve Your HumanSurge Profile

Every day more professionals get contacted through HumanSurge for surge deployments. Do you want to know why their profiles stand out and get the attention of recruiters? We’re sharing with you a list of tips for optimizing your personal profile, starting with the TOP 3.

When Can You Start?


TIP #1 -Keep your availability status up-to-date

An up-to-date availability status is an essential ingredient for your recipe to get noticed. HumanSurge displays the last time you confirmed your availability status and recruiters can sort by date, listing those who confirmed hours, days or weeks ago first. So confirming regularly is essential.



See here how to do this.


TIP #2 – Show All Your Experiences in a coherent way


Make sure your country experiences and periods in each country add-up to the total years of relevant experience. Matching both increases the chances of getting short-listed.



See here how to do this.



TIP #3 – List all your former employers

Important: recruiters can search on former employee status.

Recruiters have overwhelmingly a preference for former employees. Whether it is because they can easily source internal references, count on your understanding of their processes or alignment with their organizational culture: it gives you a big PLUS
Even if you did not work with a particular organization, they will look at former employees of culturally and operationally similar organizations.



Get the secret ingredient here…


We trust that these tips help you to upgrade your profile on HumanSurge, and




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