Achievements on peer-2-peer verification

Why not building a more trustful profile that validates your past work experiences?

It will not only create a more reliable profile, but it will also facilitate the recruitment process which can lead to a faster and timely humanitarian response. Today, it is possible to start a peer-2-peer (P2P) verification process at HumanSurge thanks to the generous grant from @ImpactCity upon winning The Hague Innovators Challenge.


Up-to-date achievements

Our P2P verification process has successfully initiated more than 900 verifications!

  • This includes 358 unique users
  • and while 448 verifications are pending, 350 have been completed!
  • while several users have the P2P verification in preparation stage


Peer-to-Peer verification increases your possibilities

P2P makes it easier for recruiters to hire you by providing an up-front profile validation of your past experiences. Any individual that has worked with you previously will be able to verify you. As a result, it will show more transparency to the individuals interested in your profile. Note that official work-emails from your referees increase the trustworthiness (instead of Gmail etc), as do referees who also have a HumanSurge account. However, neither is a requirement. Once your P2P verification process has been completed, you will be opening the door to a faster hiring process.


What are you waiting for?

Join your peers and give your profile a professional boost by getting into the P2P verification process.


To read more about how peer-2-peer verification works on the HumanSurge platform, click here.


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