How to add a badge to your profile

HumanSurge have stablished partnership agreements with the main humanitarian training centers so users can add a verified badge to their profile. The badge enhances visibility and ensures your profile stands out to recruiters, who can search directly for graduates. You can find them in the “Certificates” section, along with some social badges.

While social badges are inmmediately synchronized if you are logged in, the humanitarian badges take a verification process described below.

Of course, the first step is to register in HumanSurge. In case you still don’t have a HumanSurge profile, you can register here.

If you are already registered on HumanSurge, to add your badge, just follow these simple steps:


Step #1: Log-in and select `Preferences´ in your homescreen

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Step #2: Select `Certificates´ in the left-hand menu

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Step #3: Select `Ask Certification´ to the right of the certificate logo you want to request.


Step #4: Complete basic information in pop-up menu

A pop-up menu will appear, prompting you to complete some additional basic information which will enable the NOHA Network on Humanitarian Action to confirm your graduate status from any of its member or partner universities.

Upon submitting the request, your data will be verified with the NOHA graduate database.

Once confirmed, you will be notified by email and your status on HumanSurge will change to ´Certified´


In the search results, your profile will now also display the unique badge


We strongly recommend that you add one of the available bags to your profile since NGO recruiters can filter by specialization. Find more information about how to start a humanitarian career in our partners websites.

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