How to add your IECAH badge to your Humansurge Profile

Students who completed one of selected courses at The Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action (IECAH) can now validate this qualification on HumanSurge. The selected courses include:

  • Identificación de necesidades humanitarias
  • Gestión de proyectos humanitarios: identificación, seguimiento, evaluación y cuestiones transversales
  • Agua, saneamiento e higiene en acción humanitaria A y B
  • Comunicación y periodismo en la respuesta a las crisis humanitarias

Upon verification, HumanSurge assigns a unique IECAH badge to your profile, enhancing visibility and ensuring that your profile stands out to recruiters. To request verification of IECAH course completion, just follow these simple steps:


Step #1: Sign in with your credentials and select ´Preferences´

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Step #2: Select Certificates in the left-hand menu

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Step #3: Select ´Ask certification´ to the right of the distinctive IECAH logo


Step #4: Complete basic information

You will be prompted to complete some additional basic information in a pop-up menu. This information enables the IECAH training team to confirm your course completion.

Step #5: Sit back and relax

Once you have submited the request, your data will be verified with the IECH course database. Upon confirmation, you will receive an email notification and your status on HumanSurge will automatically change to ´Certified´. An IECAH badge appear in your search results profile display (see sample below).


Interest in also taking an IECAH course?

If you did not complete an IECAH course, you are not eligible to apply for a badge. However, you may want to check out their courses and consider signing-up for one or more. Once you complete the course you can return and request verification. Check for upcoming courses and activities on their website.

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