The University of Copenhagen and HumanSurge share a common goal to improve humanitarian response. Thanks to a new partnership with The University of Copenhagen’s Master in Disaster Management and the MSc in Global Health, you can now verify your master diplomas in Disaster Management or Global Health on HumanSurge. Upon verification of your graduate status a unique badge will be added to your profile, enhancing visibility of your competencies and professionalism to the sector-at-large.  Learn how to add your University of Copenhagen badge here


The University of Copenhagen is a leader in delivering quality education and training to future and current humanitarian workers around the world. Their proven educational programs yield results, create career paths and realistically prepare humanitarians for emergency response situations.

HumanSurge progressively provides tools to better match available qualified humanitarian professionals with organizations mandated to respond to emergencies, enhancing global surge capacity. The current collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, a trusted source of quality education, is another important step in this direction. If you do not yet have an account on HumanSurge, you can register for free here.


Master of Disaster Management

The aim of the Master of Disaster Management is to provide government, international, and civil society organisations with professionals equipped with a solid interdisciplinary knowledge base and skills that can meet the increasing demands and expectations from those who work in the humanitarian field. Go to website here


MSc in Global Health

The MSc in Global Health will foster graduates with analytical and practical skills related to human health in a globalised world. This gives you a wide range of career opportunities as MSc in Global Health. As a graduate in Global Health you will be able to analyse the many interrelated determinants impacting human health and disease ranging on a scale from individual to society, with a focus on the global perspective – including politics, policies, trade and economy, frameworks, socio-cultural issues, and climate change. Go to website here







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