Developing skills and building capacities

By providing key skills and knowledge, the Bioforce Institute has been continuously training humanitarian professionals for over three decades. Such expertise has contributed to ensuring that aid work has an ever-greater impact on vulnerable populations. Through an exciting new partnership with the Bioforce Institute, every graduate from a Bioforce diploma course in ´Humanitarian Programme Management´can now display a badge on their profile. Organizations can then identify and connect with verified Bioforce trained professionals on HumanSurge.

HumanSurge continues to attract qualified and available humanitarian professionals who can communicate their availability to the community at large with a click of a button. Bioforce and HumanSurge have come together to help emergency responders identify the right staff, adding the Bioforce badge to the many other sector-specific search indicators.



The Bioforce Institute provides training, orientation, and expertise to 2,600 professionals per year working with international humanitarian organizations through various qualification-based training courses in Europe and Africa (from 3 months to 3 years). Find out how you can take part here.
Bioforce also provides key skills required to start or develop a career in the humanitarian sector through their skills-based training courses (from three days to three weeks) focused in specializations such as: programme & project management, financial management, logistics, water, sanitation and hygiene, donors, safety & security, nutrition, human resources management, humanitarian essentials, training of trainers, etc. Go ahead and check all the skills-based training courses here


About Bioforce

Bioforce builds the capacity of their students by adapting their programmes to suit different profiles. They also support organizations responding to humanitarian crises in the development of their tools, management systems and staff. On a larger scale, Bioforce thrives to develop and strengthen the humanitarian sector through cooperation and the constant creation of new initiatives. For more information about Bioforce click here.


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