We Got in the Ring for HumanSurge

To help us grow HumanSurge, we need to get the word out there and see what people think about our idea. Where better to do that, than on events with likeminded and socially engaged people and entrepreneurs.


But we did more! We got in the ring and fought for our idea. We showed the people at Impact StartUp Fest 2017 what we are made of;


  • A team of highly qualified and experienced humanitarian professionals.
  • That we connect those humanitarians that want to help, with those that need to fill a gap.
  • Our roster has the potential to have a very large social impact because sadly the world/sector for which our solution is applicable is very large (and likely will only grow further).


We also told them what we need to grow further (in terms of investment) and that we are unique because we are humanitarian professionals helping other like-minded humanitarian professionals. We know the pain, the need and the sector.


Sadly, we did not win. But there was a lot of interest. So perhaps good things will come of this, for HumanSurge and the professionals in our roster.

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