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This week we wanted to share a guest blog post with your from one of our partners in Madrid, the Social Change School.




Hi, I’m Matias Rodriguez and I am very happy to introduce you the Social Change School and its new partnership with our friends of HumanSurge. We share a common goal: to improve humanitarian response! Would you like to go from local to international staff, elevate from officer to manager, or become an effective leader in your local community?


We provide well-recognized International Certifications of Competences and E-learning or blended Master Programs (in English):


Master’s Programs:


1. E-learning Executive Master “MIDHA – Project Management for International Development and Humanitarian Aid” (one year, fully online, only for professionals)


Workload: A multidisciplinary approach and a full E-learning formula to the current challenges for international cooperation and humanitarian aid sector. MIDHA trains junior and senior professionals from development and humanitarian field who plan to dedicate their careers to respond to the most compelling challenges of today, crossing from local to international staff, from officer to manager.
9 months of general common path and 3 months of specialization.


2. Blended Master “HOPE – Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field”


Social Change School and a number of international NGOs created HOPE – combining both quality and accessibility (an affordable cost + study grants) and a sustainable and flexible didactic formula in order to train and “put on the market” highly skilled professionals and managers.


Workload: 12 months in Blended Formula: e-learning and webinars + 8 full immersion WORKSHOPS (between Rome and Madrid) of 3/4 days (weekend).


International Professional Certification of Competences:
Project Manager & Field Coordinator (PM),
Logistics and Supply Chain Manager (LOG),
Financial and Human Resources Manager (ADMIN).
Sphere Project Certification
basic Project Management PMD certification level 1
Put the logo of the certifications, not the one of the master


Social Change School, since 1997. “The best school of nonprofit management, with the best partners, for the best talents, for a better world.”


In the last 20 years, Social Change School has been the main training school for nonprofit managers in the world, with 1300 professionals trained and certified in the one-year master programs. We are based in Madrid, Rome, Milan, London, Bangkok.


If you already attended the Master’s course, you can now verify your master’s diplomas online. Upon verification of your graduate status, a unique badge will be added to your HumanSurge profile, enhancing the visibility of your competencies and professionalism to the sector-at-large. We look forward to enhancing the humanitarian agenda with our collaboration!


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