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After months of preparation, we are finally ready to share our crowdfunding campaign with you! HumanSurge has teamed up with Turkish NGO Hayata Destek to create a prototype that will promote localization and offer assistance to aid workers through direct, remote support. After being chosen as a winner of The Humanitarian Action Challenge, HumanSurge and Hayata Destek now have the ability to join forces so that we can create a program that will enable local aid workers remote assistance during a humanitarian response.


How It Works:


90% of humanitarian responders are local, yet they only receive 2% of humanitarian funding. We want to lessen this gap and, in alignment with The Grand Bargain, increase localization. Our prototype will allow humanitarian aid workers to outsource help for any remote jobs that they need assistance with. In turn, people from that specific field can respond and offer their services and expertise. By making these connections and utilizing latent capacity, our goal is to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian response and offer assistance to local aid workers so that their job can be more manageable. In a recent survey of national workers, 57% of participants reported that their workload is excessive. This number is unsustainable, and people can’t be expected to effectively do their job if they are constantly overworked. By offering remote support to lessen their workload, aid workers will be able to focus on more pertinent tasks and a more localized response will be achieved.


Who is our partner? 


Hayata Destek, a founding member of the NEAR Network, has worked since 2005 with the principle aim of helping disaster affected communities meet their basic needs and rights. They are currently working primarily in Emergency Assistance, Refugee Support, Child Protection in Seasonal Agriculture and Capacity Building. In 2017, Support to Life Hubs delivered Individual Protection Assistance for 9,000 refugees directly to access the services, while 11,000 individuals have been reached with almost 900 awareness-raising sessions about basic rights and pathways to access to services.


Support, Share, Donate! Every little bit helps to further localization and advance the humanitarian response agenda.


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