How To Highlight Skills On Your CV

When updating your CV for a specific job, it is important to highlight your job skills in addition to your job experience. This helps the potential employer get an idea of your practical skills, and how you could potentially benefit their team.

We’ve compiled a list of general skills, and specific examples, that can be added to a CV to add emphasis to your hands-on experience. Since you should try to limit your CV to two A4 pages, feel free to list your highlights in short, bulleted lists instead of using full sentences.


1. Administrative Skills

  • Arranged meetings with members of management
  • Prepared new employee paperwork
  • Kept the company contact list up-to-date and anticipated the needs of the company
  • Managed transition of data when the company updated to a new computer system
  • Organized team schedules and events


2. Communication Skills

  • Practiced active listening while mediating conflicts between other staff members
  • Drafted and distributed emails to all staff
  • Welcomed new employees and was a point of contact for any concerns
  • Completed initial evaluations of candidates for new positions
  • Gave feedback to employees after job evaluations


3. Leadership Skills

  • Was in charge of customer service and administrative operations in the main office
  • Managed and trained administrative assistants
  • Started a mentor program with new and older employees
  • Organized team building events every quarter
  • Implemented an incentives program for employees when their targets were met


4. Interpersonal Skills

  • Managed and trained multiple new staff members
  • Negotiated situations with coworkers and clients and produced effective solutions
  • Coordinated business lunches and special events for key clients
  • Received positive feedback from coworkers on ability to communicate directly and clearly
  • Hosted employee lunches with staff members from multiple departments



5. Problem-Solving Skills

  • Identified issues within the hiring system and provided alternate solutions
  • Drafted and implemented ways to expedite office functions, such as fewer full-staff meetings
  • Replaced traditional the lunch hour with flexible time, which led to an increase in office productivity
  • Addressed customer complaints in a timely manner and provided personal feedback to each person
  • Introduced flexible scheduling, which reduced overall office energy consumption


6. Creativity Skills

  • Created and maintained a weekly company blog online
  • Organized a work-free afternoon for creating art that was displayed in the office
  • Made interactive displays for customers and clients to view the company’s products
  • Designed brochures and newsletters for distribution by mail.
  • Designed the packaging for a new product


Highlighting some of your specific skills and accomplishments is a great way to upgrade a basic CV, and in turn it will help your employer get to know your accomplishments in a more personal way.


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