Introducing: Peer 2 Peer Verification


For the past few months here at HumanSurge, we have been working on developing a peer verification system in which former coworkers can directly verify your previous work experience. With verified work experiences, you will have a more trusted profile on our platform, thus making the hiring process easier for recruiters and individuals. An easier hiring process results in a faster and more streamlined humanitarian response, which is our overall goal in everything we do!

This development has been made possible with a generous grant from @ImpactCity upon HumanSurge winning the Hague Innovators Challenge earlier this year.

How does it work?


Once you login to your account, you’ll see the new “My Verifications” tab at the top. Your verifications are separated into two easy tabs, with either “my verifications” or “verification requests.” The ¨My Verifications¨ tab will show any approved and pending verifications that you have send out regarding your separate experiences. Where as the ¨verification requests¨ tab will show the ones that you have received from colleagues and you already approved or are pending.

To request a new verification, simply click the “request verification button.”


Why does it ask for a picture?


While it isn’t obligatory to upload a picture, it is helpful for the people who are giving you a verification in case they are not sure on who you are. Some people have a more visual memory, specially if you only worked together for a short time. It would be a good reminder if they could see a picture of you, making it more likely they will corroborate your verification.


Who can give verifications?


Anyone who worked with you on a previous job is able to give you verification. Even if they didn’t work with you the whole time, they are still able to offer you a verification for the time that you did work together. This is a 360 degrees verification, so you can request from peers, your manager, your staff and persons external to the organization. In a follow-up step you can indicate the exact relationship with the person verifying.


Do they need to have a HumanSurge account?


They absolutely don’t need a HumanSurge account in order to leave you a review. All they need is an email address, and all of the correspondence will be communicated through there. That said, it is recommended to use work emails for the verification. You can link both your personal and work email to the same HumanSurge account. It is also recommended, even if not required, for the person verifying to have a HumanSurge account. Whenever there is more information (trust) about the person verifying, more trust to passed along to you about your experience.


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