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Online Certification in Humanitarian Logistics

HumanSurge continues to add value for humanitarian professionals through partnerships with renowned training and certification programmes. Our most recent partnership with the Logistic Learning Alliance is an outstanding example, delivering for over a decade the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics in collaboration with the Fritz Institute/CILT, and endorsed by the Humanitarian Logistics Association.
The humanitarian logistics courses are designed specifically to help build supply chain and logistics capacity within humanitarian aid organizations. There is a clear focus on competence in the Fritz Certification programmes, requiring participants to demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge gained within the simulated disaster relief scenario. Have a look at these testimonials to understand how humanitarian professionals have benefitted from the programme.



Want to build your skills in humanitarian logistics?

The Fritz Institute/CILT Humanitarian Certification Programmes, consist the following courses:
– Certification in Humanitarian Logistics
– Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management
– Certification in Humanitarian medical Logistics Practices

If you are thinking of improving your skills with a LLA certification in logistics and show a verified badge, take a look at the available courses here. Or direction contact the Logistics Learning Alliance for more information on their online certification programmes.

Completed a course from the Humanitarian Certification Programme?
Our partnership means you can now show your certification to current and future employers in the humanitarian eco-system. Humanitarian emergency surge operations require qualified logistics experts. Recruiters highly value the Fritz Institute/CILT certification and can now directly search for available logisticians who completed the course components through a verified badge.  See here how to add a badge to your HumanSurge profile.


Logistics Learning Alliance

The Logistic Learning Alliance (LLA) delivers Professional Skills Development programmes for anyone working in the Supply Chain Sector and the logistics functions supporting this. Initially focused on distance learning in the UK the LLA has grown to become a global provider of a range of courses available through online, distance learning with a simulated workplace and face-to-face humanitarian logistics packages.

Notably, in 2011 the LLA ,in conjunction with the Fritz Institute and CILT, received the European Supply Chain Award for Excellence in training and professional development, specifically for the Humanitarian Certificate Programme.

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