The People Behind The Numbers


Photo submitted by Kaltumi Abdulazeez, a humanitarian activist and founder of LEGASI in Nigeria. One of LEGASIs key goals is to provide opportunities for education in an attempt to lift people out of poverty.


In the humanitarian sector, it is easy to get bogged down with the numbers and acronyms that tell us how many people are in need and who is trying to help them. For people who aren’t working in the sector, it can be even more difficult to understand the humanitarian lingo.


That’s why we have started a new campaign called “More Than Numbers.” With this, we will showcase humanitarians, pictures that they have taken in the field, and the personal stories that they have from their time working in the humanitarian sector. We want to put a face to the numbers, and remind people that it’s more than a job, and the people being helped are more than just a statistic. We are all people and we all have a story.


If you are interested in sharing your own story or pictures from your experiences in the humanitarian field, please contact us on our social media or email


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