Acción contra el hambre

International non-governmental organization, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit, we were born in 1979 in France to intervene around the world. Our vocation is to fight against hunger, physical suffering and situations of helplessness that threaten the lives of men, women and children.


In order to preserve its moral and economic independence, Acción contra el hambre acts according to its own principles and never according to the interests of internal, external or governmental politics.


Acción contra el hambre works with respect for strict political and religious neutrality and impartiality. However, it may be led to denounce the human rights violations it witnesses, as well as the obstacles to the good development of its humanitarian mission.


Acción contra el hambre rejects, in its action, any discrimination based on ethnicity, sex, religion, nationality, opinion or social class.


Acción contra el hambre bases its interventions on the requirement of free access to victims and direct control of their programs, ensuring the means to achieve it. Check that the resources reach the beneficiaries directly. In no case will the collaborators with whom you work in the field be the direct beneficiaries of your programs.


Acción contra el hambre bases the conception, realization, management and evaluation of its programs in the professionalism and the experience of its human resources, in order to optimize the efficiency and correct use of its resources.


Acción contra el hambre commits itself to its beneficiaries, collaborators and donors, to respect transparency and information on the destination and management of the funds received, and to provide them with all the guarantees to verify their good management.