Our expertise

Our fields of focus are arguably the most difficult and risky: fragile contexts and (post-) conflict areas. This requires very specialized and combined expertise. At any given time, our people are working with our partners to innovate and set up new programs while managing, coordinating and monitoring various projects in multiple countries. We are part of a network of carefully selected partners around the world.



A key part of our work is raising awareness and communicating about the challenges millions of people are facing in fragile contexts and conflict areas. Cordaid is part of (inter)national Catholic grass-roots networks, is a founder member of Caritas Internationalis and a member of CIDSE, and has four dedicated labels in the Netherlands:

We target our campaigning through these and other channels, using conventional and social media. Campaign activities include partnerships with leading media, especially television and special-interest group websites.



As one of the largest NGOs in the Netherlands, Cordaid raises and receives funds from both governmental and other institutional donors, companies and private and family contributors to finance its international development and cooperation activities.



Cordaid aims to be recognized as one of the most transparent NGOs in terms of openness on program and project outcomes and impacts. Since 2013, we publish comprehensive data according to International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standards on all projects on our website. All the stories behind our projects, including goals, results, funders and partners are frequently updated