CTO – Juan José Nieto

Juan has more than ten years of experience in designing and developing information technology applications, including PHP, MySQL, Apache, CodeIgniter, IIS, CSS, jQuery, Java and Javascript, and Adobe Creative Suit. He is a successful entrepreneur, who co- founded three technological companies and gained credentials in administration and enterprise management. He has a proven track-record in IT consulting, management of software projects and web services, including as team leader. His knowledge and experience will ensure solid supervision of a team of designers and developers working on HumanSurge.

He will lead a team of software developers, and graphic/UX designer. A system administrator, design/PHP and App development will likely be sub-contracted, yet at all times supervised by the CTO.


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Cofundador y CEO HumanSurge - Loek Peeters

Cofounder y CEO HumanSurge – Loek Peeters

External Relations - Jonathan Williams

External Relations – Jonathan Williams

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