Lazarus – 6 month acelleration – program Spain

Lazarus is the accelerator of the Caja Rural Castilla-La Mancha Foundation. Directed by Ana Isabel López-Casero and Vicente Muñoz, it offers entrepreneurs training and validation, mentoring, tutorials, team building, contacts, introduction into the ecosystem, facilitating access to finance and above all personal involvement and accessibility. The accelerator only selects 12 startups or entrepreneurial projects that it accompanies for a maximum period of 3 years, with the aim of stabilizing the business and making the investment profitable without asking for capital in return.

Each year a program edition is held where a dozen projects are selected. In order to best serve all entrepreneurs, Lazarus has a team of 32 professionals, including teachers and mentors. The program is divided into an initial 5-month stage in which Lean Startup works to carry out project validation through experimental workshops, interviews and mentoring, as well as marketing. From there, one begins to work on personal branding, oratory, operations with agile methodologies, metrics, sales or advertising in social networks and search engines. In addition, entrepreneurs have a bag of hours of tutoring for them to choose what to use and a constant network of contacts and sources of funding.

Lazarus organizes different prizes to recognize the value of entrepreneurial projects. The accelerator awards four prizes and a second prize, contributed by the collaborating institutions of Lazarus and the Caja Castilla-La Mancha Foundation itself; € 100,000 in an investment proposal of Sodicaman; € 7,000 direct from the CRCLM Foundation; A trip to TR35 of the MIT of the Rafael del Pino Foundation; Investment valuation of Dad, Order, Indra Vntures, Nero Ventures, K Fund and Plug & Play; And an inclusion accesit as a work base of the h2i Foundation.

One of the main characteristics of Lazarus is that it does not demand any payment or transfer of equity. Conditions that have already benefited startups like Scanlotería, Ydray, Pet & Net, Zeus, Adopt a Grandfather, Don Cicleto, Rias Analytics, Becash or Blabelia.


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