Medicos del Mundo

Médicos del Mundo is an independent association that works to realize the right to health for all people, especially those who live in poverty, gender inequality and social exclusion or are victims of human crisis.

Curar is the first mission of Médicos del Mundo and the volunteers and professionals who make up our association. That is why those of us who are part of this organization are committed to helping all vulnerable populations, excluded or victims of natural disasters, famine, disease, armed conflict or political violence. For Doctors of the World the right of the victims to be attended must prevail over any other consideration.

Not only do we operate in the countries of the South, but we also work with the excluded groups of the welfare society, especially those with problems of access to the public health system. We do not intend to create parallel assistance systems, but to ensure that all people enjoy adequate health conditions.

Attention and complaint

Médicos del Mundo works in the field of health with populations living in poverty and social exclusion and with the victims of human crises, attends to anyone who sees their human rights violated, carries out awareness actions as a means for social change and Denounces the causes of injustice.

Médicos del Mundo is an association run by partners and members who participate voluntarily and who have a political and economic involvement.

In 2015 we carry out:

International cooperation

57 projects (29 for Sexual and Reproductive Health, 14 for Prevention, Surveillance and / or Treatment of Epidemic and Endemic Diseases, 8 for Gender Violence, 9 for Child Health, 4 for HIV / AIDS and for Sexually Transmitted Infections, 8 for Counseling and Support in the strategic management of public health systems, 4 Interculturality, 7 Psychosocial Mental Health, 6 Nutrition, 1 Recovery of local health systems, 4 Medical-surgical, 1 Water and sanitation)

39 projects of Primary Health Care

18 humanitarian aid projects

21 countries or territories

96 national partner organizations

1,118,643 direct recipients of our projects

10,623,583 indirect beneficiaries of our projects

In Spain

58,657 health, social and psychological care

81 Social Inclusion projects for 20,271 people (5,583 men, 14,166 women and 522 transsexuals)

21 Social Mobilization projects

8 projects of Political Incidence

Developed from 12 regional offices and 9 representations

International Network

19,429 actors

€ 143,000,000 budget

439 international programs in 80 countries or territories

257 national programs in 15 countries

We are

839 associated with Médicos del Mundo España (334 men and 505 women)

1,396 volunteers (1,043 women and 353 men)

47,156 loyal donors (23,106 men and 24,050 women)

248 public and private entities collaborating

183 workers (78 men and 105 women)

547 workers from the countries in which we develop International Cooperation projects (333 men and 214 women)

225 workers in headquarters, in regional offices and representations (62 men and 163 women)