NOHA Network on Humanitarian Action was born from the idea that higher educational institutions have an essential role to play in enhancing professionalism in the delivery of humanitarian aid through education.

In 1993, the 5 universities that composed NOHA at the time set on board the pioneering task of finding space for universities among the then limited humanitarian stakeholder mix. They established a network of universities across Europe delivering a multidisciplinary Masters programme that would be managed and administered by academics from a range of related disciplines.


NOHA in short

  • Founded in 1993
  • Network of 12 European and 5 global partner universities
  • Joint Master Degree in International Humanitarian Action
  • 4 annual thematic schools and an undergraduate module
  • Journal of International Humanitarian Action
  • 150+ professors and lecturers
  • 3,500+ graduates and an active NOHA Alumni Community



NOHA 20 Years

Growing network and activities

Over the past 20 years the network has expanded and now comprises universities from twelve EU member states as well as 6 global partner universities on different continents.


With the continued support of the European Commission’s Directorate Generals for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO) and Education and Culture (DG EAC), NOHA has been able to grow its network and expand its range of activities. NOHA currently develops education & training programmes, research & publication initiatives, and projects to serve students, professionals, researchers as well as institutions and organisations in the humanitarian action sector.


NOHA currently offers the inter-university and multidisciplinary Joint Master’s Degree in International Humanitarian Action, annual thematic schools, thematic and regional seminars and undergraduate modules.


Early 2015, NOHA launched NOHA Global which aims to support academic institutions in other regions of the world to establish their own NOHA networks. NOHA has also founded the Journal of International Humanitarian Action and is implementing the 3-year European Humanitarian Partnership (EUHAP) project.