How to reduce response times in an emergency

Time is key in an emergency.

HumanSurge seeks to reduce recruitment times and costs by bringing available qualified professionals in contact with responding organizations. In order to avoid losing valuable time you should keep your availability status up-to-date.
HumanSurge will display the last day you confirmed your availability in the search results. Those who most recently confirmed will be listed higher. Someone who confirmed yesterday or last week, is more likely to actually be available, than someone who confirmed a month ago. Hence, recruiters are likely to contact those qualifying candidates who most recently confirmed availability, increasing the likelihood of a successful contact.

In your personal settings, you will be able to specify the frequency with which you want to (re)confirm your availability. HumanSurge will then send an email at the set interval and all you need to do is confirm.


In an emergency, every minute counts.

HumanSurge encourages you to respond immediately if you are contacted by an organization. It is not important if you confirm or reject an offer. Every person and situation is unique, and you can have good reasons for not being available (already contacted and deployed with another organization, the position or organization does not have your interest, any personal situation, etc.). The most important thing is that you inform the organization immediately, so there is no time wasted unnecessarily in finding the most suitable candidate.

HumanSurge will track response times and may report on them in future, boosting profiles who always provide a quick feedback.

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