Risk Management verified certification

When humanitarians deploy to the scene of a natural disaster or a conflict, they are confronted by a unique set of challenges: coordination, communication, first aid, psicological pressure, survival… If you are one of those professionals who knows how to stay phisically and mentally prepared to survive in a hostile enviroment, maybe it’s because you have a qualification certified by ILS (International Location Satety) and now you can show it publicly to the most important INGOs in order to expand your opportunities of deployment.



Planning and prevention are key to provide an adequate safety and security response. International Location Safety is a well recognised and highly respected provider of innovative, exciting, and effective training programmes, delivered to people working in, or managing in hazardous or resource poor settings worldwide.

Thanks to the partnership with HumanSurge, professionals that have completed a training course in this organization or are planning to do so, will be able to show a badge on their HumanSurge profile to verify their qualifications and eventually be hired by an INGO that need to deploy professionals specialized in risk management. Learn how to add your badge here


Training solutions

ILS deliver security training programmes worldwide. They have facilities in the UK, Kenya, Senegal and the United States (NY and Washington) where they deliver residential, simulation based programmes.  See the scheduled courses calendar here.


About ILS

ILS is a Security Risk Management consultancy. They offer innovative and intelligent safety and security solutions to international organizations worlwide. Learn more about their activities here.


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