Success Story: Giselle is heading to Mali with Oxfam

With our one-year anniversary coming up, we at HumanSurge decided to showcase our user success stories.

This month we got to know Gisele from Cameroon who was recently recruited by Oxfam through HumanSurge. We sat down with her to hear her story, her hopes for the future, and to share a laugh.


Hi Gisele, thanks for taking the time to chat! Could you tell us a bit about your humanitarian career?

Hello! I started my humanitarian career as a Communications Officer with UNICEF. After 15 years there, I felt that I wanted to broaden my knowledge, so I enrolled in the Humanitarian Assistance Masters at the Boston Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


That’s great, what did you do after graduating?

When I graduated I started looking for positions that would enable me to use the peace building skills I gained from my studies. I ended up taking an Advocacy and Policy Officer position with Oxfam for a short time. But at a certain point, home was calling me, I wanted to be closer to friends and family. Once back home, a project I had there fell through and I felt the need to put myself back on the international scene, I could see doors closing.


How did you hear about HumanSurge?

I wanted to show my professional availability on an international scale, so I enrolled in many humanitarian job websites. I first received information about HumanSurge through the Fletcher School Alumni newsletter. When I first visited the website I saw the many sector specific questions asked when creating a profile. I thought it was very interesting something like this existed and thought to myself “Hey, they are doing things!” so I completed my profile and availability.


When were you contacted?

Soon after registering, I went to New York City hoping to finding a job there. Shortly after, I was surprised to see a message from HumanSurge saying that I had been contacted by Oxfam Chad who viewed my profile and I was offered an Advocacy Officer position. I replied but I was too late.


Oh no! What happened next?

They were interested in my profile and they offered to share it with another office, so they shared it with the Oxfam Mali office for the Central African Republic. Two days later I was offered a position in governance, not in advocacy or peace building as I had hoped. But, I was interested because it was something new, I saw it as a challenge. That is what I like. I accepted and passed the written tests and interviews, ten days later I’m finding myself heading to Barcelona for briefing before heading back to Africa, I’m so happy to go there!!


Exciting stuff! So would you use HumanSurge again?

For sure! I have already shared with other people because I feel that it’s a good initiative. When looking for a job, you don’t have many platforms or interactions in this sector.


How do you feel about the next step in your career?

I would like to continue looking for a peace building job. I feel like I have something to give, I still want to do what I learned in school. I would like to use those tools given and apply them to African countries. But governance is a new challenge I am looking forward to, but I still have my peace building goals!


It’s been great talking Gisele, thank you for your time and we’re looking forward to catching up with you in a few months!

Thank you very much for interacting with people who use HumanSurge, it’s very positive initiative.



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