It’s time to say #ThankHum4

Friday 19 August we celebrated the efforts of all aid workers on World Humanitarian Day. You have sent a message of support to the professionals who operate in front line conditions, facilitating the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to disaster-affected communities.

The overall campaign has been a success thanks to your support reaching more than 2 million people. Supported by a simultaneous Facebook campaign. We are happy to share the results with you below.

104% supported
120.504 social reach


Overall campaign:
Impressions              1.498.194
Engagements                 4.811

  • Clicks 2.400; Media engagements 2.069; Re-tweets 282; Other 60

Top tweet



Overall campaign:
Reach                          561.404
Engagement                  45.424

Likes                                 1.474
Comments                              16
Shares                                    53
Clics                                 27.898


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The HumanSurge Team

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