Travelling abroad, are you well prepared, are you well insured ?

Working internationally, whether on short assignments or expatriation has become frequent, but there are many common beliefs about the usual insurance coverage.

If for pleasure or leisure trips, the classic guarantees of a contract bought with an airline ticket, or linked to a bankcard are generally sufficient. The professional perspective should lead you to ask yourself different questions:


– Who is covered?

– For what risks?

– In what circumstances?

– In which territories?

– Within what limits?

– What means of implementation?


Indeed, unpleasant surprises often come from a lack of consideration of these elements:


– The “bank card” contracts only cover the cardholder,

– Many risks are not covered (sports, off-road trips),

– Certain circumstances are sometimes excluded (social unrest, wars, natural disasters),

– Several countries do not enter in the contractual field (Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.),

– The liability coverage are sometimes very low (20 or 25,000 euros, i.e. barely two days of intensive care in the United States or just the price of a stretcher on a commercial airline),

– The contract sometimes does not include all possible means of intervention.


Beyond the questions of coverage, the countries where you go can show particular health characteristics such as limited access to healthcare, pollution, epidemic or parasitic risk, which can affect you and could be anticipated.


The “conventional” insurance contracts mentioned above do not generally include this information and this prevention.


In order to secure your international activity, it is therefore advisable to call a specialized insurer who can, by your side:


– Analyze your current contracts and identify missing element

– Offer you additional coverage or define with you a tailored contract,

– Provide you with information adapted to your trip,

– If necessary, provide specific training for your team.



Do not hesitate to call and be advised by an international mobility professional, ensuring you to travel peacefully and be fully dedicated to your mission!



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