Using #ThankHum4 to thank humanitarians on World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to appreciate the countless efforts by humanitarians around the world, and around-the-clock, to alleviate suffering of fellow human beings. HumanSurge uses #ThankHum4 to thank humanitarians for their work. You can join the thunderclap or share your own reasons to say thanks using #ThankHum4.


Why World Humanitarian Day?

450,000 national and international humanitarians work around the world to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster-affected populations (ALNAP, 2015). Humanitarians provide life-saving assistance, early-recovery and rehabilitation support. Many-a-times, they do so in challenging circumstances, often with limited resources and at times with risks to their own health, mental well being or even their lives.

In 2008 the UN general assembly designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day. A day to commemorate humanitarians who have lost their lives providing humanitarian relief to people and communities in need, and appreciate the work of those who continue to do so on a daily basis (UN General Assembly).

Join the thunderclap with #ThankHum4


This year HumanSurge launched hashtag #ThankHum4 to thank all humanitarians for their invaluable contributions. #ThankHum4



Here’s how you can support humanitarians


HumanSurge also launched a campaign on Thunderclap so you can easily join in and build a wave of thanks of global proportions.

1. Register for the Thunderclap: When you join the #Thankhum4 Thunderclap campaign via Twitter or Facebook, a custom message will be issued on 16 august (3 days prior to World Humanitarian Day) to encourage your followers to tweet or post a message with hasthtag #Thankhum4

2. Once you have joined Thunderclap, you don’t have to wait to this date to spread the message. You can start from now on tweeting or sharing your #Thankhum4, adding your reasons to thank humanitarians

3. Do you have humanitarian professionals among your family or friends? Then tell them about They can register their profile on our website which is used by major INGOs to locate available professional ready for deployment in emergencies. We believe that there are solutions to the world’s challenges, when people respond together.


Tell the world that you support humanitarians here

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