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This year has been incredibly busy for those of us at HumanSurge. Many improvements have been made to our website and platform, with the intent to make the humanitarian recruitment process easier than ever. In March of this year, HumanSurge was awarded with the 1st place prize at The Hague Innovator’s Challenge. This was an amazing accomplishment for us, and opened the door for us to expand our work with the HumanSurge platform. In addition to our office in Madrid, we opened a new office in The Hague and are operating in both cities now. Additionally, our team has grown and we have welcomed new team members with expertise from all over the globe.


Key Accomplishments

Some of our main goals for 2018 were to make connections faster and to make our platform easier to use. With these goals in mind, we created our Avatar and developed the idea of a peer to peer verification system to ensure accuracy with profiles and experiences. The Avatar concisely shows the users accomplishments and verifications, making it easier for recruiters to look over user profiles and see if they fit their qualifications. The peer system will be a way for users of our platform to become verified when peers or former colleagues confirm that they have worked with or personally know the user. Our goal for this tool is to save time for recruiters, and get humanitarians hired and working faster. Additionally, one of our key values is promoting localization, so we created a campaign for workers and NGOs that are located in Bangladesh. Due to the current humanitarian crisis involving the Rohingya, mobilizing local aid and connecting HumanSurge users with local NGOs was something that we wanted to assist with by offering our platform for free to locals.


What’s next?

For the second half of 2018, one of our main focuses will be on communications and having more of a connection with our users. In addition to our weekly blog posts and social media updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we will also start regularly using our Instagram account and sending out a monthly newsletter. With Instagram, we are hoping invite you into our workspace and cities, and to see what we’re up to on a weekly basis. The newsletter will discuss our current work and also highlight the work of NGOs and individual humanitarians. We are working on sharing a series of stories and photos that we are receiving from humanitarians like you, in an effort to share personal experiences that humanitarians face with other humanitarians and people around the world. This is an ongoing campaign, so if you’re interested in submitting a short personal story or photos, feel free to reach out to us on social media or email kara@humansurge.org.


Amidst this year of growth and change, we have remained true to our initial goal: to create a platform which enables a faster response and greater connections for humanitarian action. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing to improve our platform and assist humanitarians!


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